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Our nation is at a critical juncture and America’s wild horses are in the crossfire. Following the troubling news that the President’s budget request for 2018 would strip federal protections for wild horses and burros and put over 80,000 healthy wild horses at risk for slaughter, wild horses are now in danger more than ever before.  We were deeply troubled to discover that dangerous language that would reopen the door for horse slaughter was quietly inserted into the U.S. House’s massive spending bill for next year’s budget.

The first opportunity to directly engage on this issue to our Senators will be in joining together to co-sign a letter, which will appear as full-page ads in Roll Call, Politico, and The Hill.

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Join New Yorkers Against Horse Slaughter Today!

Join New Yorkers Against Horse Slaughter Today!

To allow the systematic slaughter of our wild horses and public range lands, is to allow the slaughter of our democracy and our rights as American Citizens.

The concept of Rewilding is one that aspires to bring all things
back to their original natural state of being, while living harmoniously together.
Nature in balance and as it was created to benefit all inhabitants.

Horses • Humans • Habitat

CANA Foundation exists to rewild and re home wild horses on native lands, thus creating sustainability for lands and community’s through rewilding initiatives.  These initiatives create a greater understanding of our connection to the planet and its inhabitants.

CANA shows support for Native Communities to acknowledge their understanding and reverence for nature and the importance of the horse, allowing the Rewilding of native lands and all peoples through the horse. These important actions allow a shift in education and awareness globally for land conservation and the importance of rewilding of our planet and humans for future generations.

People saving horses
Horses saving humanity


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