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We need you to join us in the fight to save our wild horses! Yesterday (07/11/2017) the U.S. House of Representatives Appropriations Committee voted on language that would open a backdoor to the slaughter of America’s Wild Horses.

It is now more important than ever that we speak up, speak out, and make our voices heard to protect these iconic symbols of America.


Join CANA Foundation at the #UVOTE Gathering 2017

Join us in the movement to #RewildOurWorld at the Unified Voices of the Eagle 
#UVOTE Gathering- September 16th, 2017!

Join us for an unforgettable experience which will help to shift our individual perceptions & actions towards collectively understanding & creating a more connected & balanced way of life. In doing so, we are actively working to preserve the freedoms & the American lands that ourselves, others and all creatures great and small call home.

Advocates for a variety of environmental, animal & humanitarian issues unite under the common thread facing all these organizations: protecting & preserving our natural & constitutional freedoms. Stay tuned for updates about the event. We will be announcing guest speakers, presenters, musical performances and artists!

For more information and to register your attendance please visit:
#UVOTE Gathering 2017

Rewilding is the introduction or reintroduction of specific animal and plant species nature-designed to support, sustain and balance the ecosystem and energy of the environment. Nature in balance and as it was created to benefit all inhabitants.

Horses • Humans • Habitat

The future of U.S. rangelands depends on the freedom of America’s wild horses. CANA Foundation’s mission is to responsibly restore an ecological balance in our environment through specific rewilding initiatives. These projects support harmony between the humans, plants and animals that inhabit U.S. rangelands, and focus on the restoration of our land’s native habitats through natural resources and indigenous species, like America’s wild horses. CANA initiatives work towards long-term, sustainable solutions that prevent further land degradation, protect and preserve wild horse populations, and encourage a beneficial, thriving ecosystem for today, and tomorrow.

People saving horses
Horses saving humanity


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