About CANA Foundation

CANA Foundation’s mission is to responsibly
restore an ecological balance in our environment
through specific rewilding initiatives.

Windmills over Rangeland

CANA Foundation exists to support a sustainable environment with specific emphasis on the connections between America’s Wild Horses, their value for our habitat and Land Conservation, and the impact that has on our future.

Cana shows support for Native Communities in an effort to acknowledge their understanding and reverence for nature and the horse, allowing the Rewilding of native lands and all peoples. These important actions allow a shift in education and awareness globally for land conservation and the importance of Rewilding of our planet and humans.

Through our Giving Wheel we create a continuous commitment to education,  action and inspiration to enable others to move CANA projects forward.

We are empowered to make a meaningful difference to wild horses, the land, and its people through grants and generous donations.  Our environmental and humanitarian projects connect meaningful causes with individual passions and concerns.

The Giving Wheel Philosophy

The CANA Giving Wheel’s continual motion to educate, act, and inspire gives projects momentum for change. The unbroken, positive movement of the Giving Wheel restores a sense of balance, harmony, and sustainability for our land and all of its inhabitants. Achieving this balance will help us to bring the earth and sky together to find the middle ground. Through grants and donations we are empowered to make a meaningful difference by supporting wild horses, indigenous people, and our rangelands.

Educate · Act · Inspire

CANA works to inform people about our key causes and fundraising initiatives: rewilding of wild horses, land conservation, and support of Native American communities.

This knowledge ignites action from the hearts and minds of those who see and hear our message. You get involved, advocate, donate.

Your passion stirs a call to action, moving you to share with others and in turn, get them involved. Others are inspired to learn, and act, on their own.

Our Team & Advisors

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Our Humanifesto

Inspired by the American Indian 10 Commandments

Treat the earth, and all creatures great and small, with respect.
Remain close to your inner purpose.
Show great consideration for your fellow beings.
Work together for the benefit of all mankind.
Give assistance and kindness wherever needed.
Do what you know to be intuitively correct.
Look after the well being of your mind and body.
Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good, “Pay it forward.”
Be truthful and honest with yourself at all times.
Take full responsibility for your actions.

Be Naturally Considerate