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7 Cedar Ranch A Rewilding Space by CANA Foundation

A tepee stands against the sunset at 7 Cedar Ranch in Bucyrus, Kansas

Take a moment to journey the world of rewilding at CANA Foundation’s 7 Cedar Ranch in Bucyrus, Kansas.

Moses, or “Mo” as he is better known, will be your rewilding guide at this very sacred and spiritual place, his home, 7 Cedar Ranch.

Mo acts as CANA Foundation’s Director of Native Relations, Co-Founder of 7 Cedar Ranch Rewilding Retreat, and is a Lakota Spiritual Leader.

As a Lakota, Moses lives and nurtures a unified, harmonious vision for the future of tribal America, all people and our earth, sky and animal relations. He opens his home, heart and mind to you in hopes to share the teachings of indigenous understandings of the relationship between the buffalo and wild horse nations and how they can help to rewild both habitats and our collective humanity.

Immerse yourself in the journey of rewilding while learning and celebrating native ways of life.

About 7 Cedar Ranch

7 Cedar Ranch Rewilding Space is a place of hands on experience. Immerse yourself in the journey of rewilding while learning and celebrating native ways of life.

7 Cedar Ranch is the home of two rescued wild horses and two pure blooded Cheyenne-Arapaho Buffalo. There is a tepee on the property as well as other traditionally-built structures in which to practice indigenous ceremonies.

Take a retreat to 7 Cedar Ranch and see first-hand the relations between horse and buffalo and what they do for the soil, ecosystem, and spirit. Bring back a recognition of a culture that never polluted the land. An Indian culture that is still very much alive and still here— now it’s time to engage with it.

Every activity at 7 Cedar Ranch is carefully curated for an individual experience based on your needs, curiosities, and requests and will provide a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual experience.

We suggest one- and two-day experiences, but every visit is customizable. We offer individual, group, community, nonprofit, and corporate retreats.

Discover how to build a more abundant life through rewilding, at 7 Cedar Ranch

What you Will Learn During Your Visit

  • What environmental and personal rewilding is and how to engage in this way of life.
  • The importance of sacred and revered Native teachings.
  • A greater sense of self and how that contributes to the rest of the world.
  • The connection between our global environment, ecology, plants, animal species, and humankind.
  • How to build a more abundant life through rewilding.

What’s Included in Your Retreat

Your package will include hotel accommodation, meals, transportation to and from the airport in Kansas, and your time on the ranch with Moses Brings Plenty.  

You will be responsible to book and pay for airfare. When booking your airfare for two-day experiences, please know your hotel accommodations will be made for Friday & Saturday night and your Sunday itinerary, which will be shared in the coming days, will conclude by noon on Sunday.

Ready to Book Your Retreat?

Use the form below to provide details about what you have in mind for your trip and we’ll contact you to get it booked.

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