Join Our Movement to #RewildOurWorld

Join Our Movement to #RewildOurWorld

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Our rewilding initiatives are driven by our giving wheel. By joining the movement to #RewildOurWorld you are adding momentum to that wheel to put into motion the ideas, actions, people, and resources to affect real change in our key re-wilding initiatives.

Our Giving Wheel is a cyclical process of continual support; always moving ahead, always supporting positive change. By working to #RewildOurWorld, we are empowered to make a meaningful difference to the horses, the land, and its people.


From internships for young adults at our New York headquarters to mending fences from Kansas to Arizona; CANA Foundation volunteers make a difference.

If you’re interested in volunteer opportunities or our internship program, please complete and return the applications below. Thank you for your support.

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Every purchase in our CANA Foundation shop goes to directly support our re-wilding initiatives and save America’s Wild Horses.

From Naturally Considerate skin care products and CANA Foundation-branded merchandise to things we love. There’s something for everyone in our CANA Shop.

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Become a CANAmbassador

Sharing is caring and social media awareness is one of the easiest and quickest ways to affect change.

Our CANAmbassadors help us spread our message of positive change through social media to reach a larger audience. When you like, follow, and share CANA Foundation on your favorite social media platform you’re helping to make a difference.

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Featured Initiative: American’s Against Extinction of Wild Horses & Decimation of Public Lands

American’s Against the BLM Plan that Threatens Wild Horses with Extinction and Decimates our Public Lands is a CANA Foundation-led petition and initiative to repeal a BLM plan that places our Wild Horse Nation further at risk.  It includes mass sterilization and even slaughter to curb an exaggerated over population issue instead of using more creative and less costly programs such as REWILDING of America’s wild horses onto available lands.  Sign the petition today to help us stop it!

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