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  1. Donna bresnan
    September 9, 2018 @ 2:31 pm

    What a great event!! Please tell me how I can help spread the plight of these horses here in Connecticut , I personal had no idea the number rounded up, how they are rounded up and that these horses are sent illegally to slaughter!! Here’s my story- 33yrs ago I adopted a yearly wild mustang, his name, Newbow. I just wanted to Save a mustang, not knowing back then that he was rounded up , separated from his mother & herd, sent on a trailer from Nevada to Massachusetts !!! With lots of love & trust Newbow bonded with me & I with him. I loved him for 33 yrs, he was extremely attached to me. Fast forward to January 29, 2018 Newbow passed away after fighting Lyme disease for 9 months , we tried everything to save him. He took his last breath as I held his head in my lap. My heart broke that day. I had him cremated because I wanted to return Newbow back to the wild in Nevada to be free again. As I investigated where he was born & planned my trip I learnt about the horrific round ups this summer. I’ve postponed our trip until I can find a peaceful place for his cremans out in Nevada and have started calling , emailing my representatives here in Connecticut to stop this inhumane treatment. I’m not an expert on horses, politics, BUT after loving & being loved by a wild mustang I consider myself an expect on that. I’ll continue to follow your group and all the other wonderful advocacy groups. I do need guidance on how to get the word out to the news & local papers on helping these amazing horses.
    Again thank you for all your group does- we have to be the wild Horses voices and stop the killing


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