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  1. Toni Johnson
    March 11, 2018 @ 1:53 pm

    If you fail to address the direct cost to tax payers of the Federal grazing permit system, you are not telling the entire story.
    That story must include the number of ranchers that currently hold grazing permits ~22,00, and the percent that are not family owned ranches.
    This is a multi million dollar subsidy that when added to the Drought, and Animal Control subsidies creates an enormous debt on tax payers for those very few beneficiaries. Beneficiaries who produce a small percent of American beef.
    Current year grazing is $1.49 for one cow and her calf per month for an average six month season. A sixty pound bale of grass hay is selling for $9.50 in Colorado this year. Can you see a problem?
    Here is a link to a fact based article.
    Please lay All the cards on the table, not just a select few.
    Thank you,


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